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Following last week’s Playstation Meeting, during which the Playstation 4 was officially announced, Sony published a list of developers that were supposedly working on content for the new hardware. Last weekend, Gamasutra reported that several of these developers had in fact confirmed that they are currently not involved in the development of next-generation software. Sony has since updated the list, removing several studios from the list while adding others that were initially not included. More details are included after the jump.

The original list that was published by Sony included 54 European developers, but this list has since been cut to 30. Studios like Mojang, Rovio, and Trine-developer Frozenbyte were removed from the list without a further statement from Sony. The studios themselves, on the other hand, did confirm to Gamasutra that they had been in talks with Sony about possible development for the new platform but that they had nothing currently in development for the platform.

Despite the removal of several of developers from the list, others have been added. Among these are 2K Games, Codemasters, the EA-owned Criterion Games and Ghost Games, Joe Danger-developer Hello Games, and Brink‘s Splash Damage. None of these studios have announced any of the projects that they currently have in development for the new hardware.