SleepingDogsWeiFight 26 Jun

Sleeping Dogs developer, United Front Games’ has announced that Nexon America will be publishing its next game, a free-to-play title due to release in 2015. Nexon America is a branch of Nexon Co. Ltd., an internation company who focuses on online free-to-play titles. Nexon is publishing Dirty Bomb from Splash Damage, due later this year, […]

TrainSimulatorScreen-01 05 Jun

Train Simulator developer Dovetail games has hired three industry veterans from EA, Lionhead and Splash Damage. The three additions to the company are: Darren Potter, a veteran producer with over 20 years experience with companies such as EA, Square Enix Europe and Lego; Jorge Sanchez, a lead artist with eight years experience at Lionhead working […]