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Kotaku has obtained in-game footage from the recently uncovered first-person shooter Star Wars: First Assault. The title was in development at LucasArts and reportedly slated for a release this spring, though work was halted when Disney acquired the company back in October. More information on the footage is included after the jump.

Star Wars: First Assault was planned to be released as a downloadable title, with LucasArts supposedly considering it as a step towards the development of a new installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront series, which has not seen a full-scale release since Star Wars: Battlefront II hit store shelves in 2005.

One of the clips that was released contains pre-rendered footage of a Stormtrooper donning his helmet, followed by a LucasArts logo. The second shows off in-engine footage from back in October. According to the source that released the footage to Kotaku, the footage was only meant for internal communications and the state of the game has improved significantly since.

It is currently unclear whether Star Wars: First Assault will ever be released, as Disney has suspended development on all video games based on the franchise until it has finalized its plans on what to do with the Star Wars property. Neither Disney or LucasArts have given an official response to the leaked footage.

The footage can be viewed here.