BethesdaVineStill1 16 Apr

Bethesda has posted a short teaser on the social media service Vine for a mystery project. Recent leaks have suggested a new entry into the Wolfenstein series, Project Tungsten, which¬†is being developed by Zenimax Sweden. Bethesda is also publishing Shinji Mikami’s survival horror Project Zwei.

The teaser shows glimpses of barbed wire, and a record spinning which looks like Air on the G String by Johann Sebastian Bach, who was featured in the soundtrack of Fallout 3. However, the common sense speculation that the teaser was for a new Fallout game was shot down by Bethesda’s VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines on Twitter, who replied to a Twitter message suggesting the possibility¬†with “You talking about the Vine thing? Guess again”

(via Gamespot)