DoubleFineLogo 14 May

Speaking to Polygon, Double Fine head Tim Schafer has stated that the developer wants to re-acquire the distribution rights to Costume Quest and Stacking from the now defunct THQ. Double Fine tried to buy the rights during the publisher’s recent auction, but lost out to Nordic Games. Schafer \noted that they want to re-acquire the distribution rights to the downloadable adventures for “an emotional attachment.”

“It’s not, like, a lot of money; it’s mostly for us to just tidy up things. And also an emotional attachment – more of a mission of Double Fine to own everything that we make,” Schafer explained. “It’s , like, this loose end that kind of bothers me that we’d like to tie up.”

“It’s frustrating when something’s really valuable to you for emotional reasong, and not that valuable to anyone else,” he added. “Because they can still say, ‘Well, how much do you want it for?’ and it’s, like, ‘Aw, you know this isn’t valuable to you.’ It’s valuable to me, but not for business reasons, in a sense.”

Double Fine owns the IP for Costume Quest and Stacking which allows them to build on either property should the developer choose to, Nordic Games can only collect on proceeds generated through certain distribution channels. Schafer declined to comment if Double Fine was currently in talks with Nordic Games to re-acquire the rights, but did admit the indie developer is at a disadvantage in any discussion of the matter.

(via VG247)