MirrorsEdge Temp Featurebanner 24 May

According to AllGamesBeta, the German Amazon website briefly listed a sequel to 2008’s Mirror’s Edge, but was swiftly down again. The entry listed it for the Xbox 360 at a price of €99,99, which would equal around $130. The listing, of which a screenshot is available here, included a temporary boxart that appears to resemble the new design for titles released on the recently-announced Xbox One, though the listing itself did not mention the new console.

In 2011, a sequel to Mirror’s Edge was confirmed to be in development at the EA-owned DICE studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite repeated confirmations that development on the title was ongoing, no further details have ever been released for the title. The listing on Amazon.de did not include a tentative release date for the title, nor any additional description of the game.