TitanfallGI 07 Jun

According to the July cover of Game Informer (above) which has been prematurely posted via NeoGAF, the debut title from Respawn Entertainment will be Titanfall, and will release on Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One.

“After a bitter split with Activision and Call of Duty, Respawn debuts its bold vision for next-gen multiplayer,” the magazine cover reads.

Attempting to download the cover now however will return an error message to users. According to original NeoGAF uploader “Cartman86”, the the article accompanying the cover states the game is built on the Source engine and is going to be released in Spring 2014. Players will be pilots who control huge mechs called “Titans”, which can either be piloted by players or programmed to follow them into battle. Pilots are extremely agile, can run on walls, jump multiple times and can take down Titans by jumping on them and shooting its “brain”. Respawn is also planning on utilizing Microsoft’s Cloud for dedicated servers and calculations of physics and AI.

After inquiries from Polygon, EA responded by saying “There’s a lot more of Titanfall to be revealed. Tune in to the EA E3 press conference on Monday June 10 at 1pm PDT for the details.”

(via Polygon)