GamescomEA 21 Aug

Electronic Arts started its Gamescom 2013 conference with a live action trailer for The Sims 4, followed by a gameplay walkthrough showing the new character creation system and build mode. The walkthrough also shows how the Sims react based on what emotions they are feeling.

Up next was Victory Games’ upcoming free-to-play entry in the Command & Conquer series. An on stage competition took place with two developers battling it out in frantic military RTS action.

Frank Bibeau then introduced a developer diary for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. The developers talk about the vast open world the game is set in, and how the team wants player’s moral choices to have a big impact on the game. As an Inquisitor, the player also has rights normal citizens don’t and also “agents” who they can send to investigate or act on their behalf.

Tony Leamer from PopCap announced that the team behind Plants vs. Zombies 2 is currently working on the first major content update, Far Future. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare producer Brian Lindley then introduced a trailer which showed the playable zombie classes in the game. They include the soldier who has a rocket launcher and an assault rifle; the “All-Star” who uses a football cannon; the “Engineer” who rides on a jackhammer before using his concrete launcher and the “Scientist” who uses a Zomboss Goo Blaster. The game will also be coming first to Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox One and Smartglass exclusively get “Boss Mode” which allows players to control plants or zombies from a top-down view. A trailer showing gameplay for Peggle 2 was then shown.

UFC 14 was introduced by a UFC and EA representative, where some pre-alpha gameplay was shown. EA showed how the fighters act a lot more precise and have solid movements to remove sliding character models. UFC 14 is set to ship next spring.

EA then showed Need for Speed: Rivals and how the game’s career works. Cops can go undercover, be agressive enforcers or control other cars. Players receive a Speedlist of objectives which they can complete to earn Speed Points which level up the player. Speed Points can also be wagered after completing an objective to earn more, or the player can play it safe and bank them as being busted will lose all progress on the race.

Titanfall was up next with a multiplayer match on the map Angel City in the game mode Attrition. The gameplay showed how Respawn is attempting to bring cinematic story moments normally found in singleplayer to multiplayer.

EA then talked about how FIFA 14 is more accessible, and a free-to-play mobile version will be available. A demo was also announced for September 10th. 33 leagues and over 600 football clubs are included in FIFA 14 and real world statistics, injuries and player improvements will be updated as the season goes on. Players will also be able to transfer progress from PS3 to PS4 or Xbox 360 to Xbox One. FIFA 14 is set to launch in September.

Battlefield 4 was the final game to be shown, and it came with the announcement that the beta will be available in early October. DICE VP & GM, Karl Magnus Troedsson spoke about “Levolution” and how dynamic BF4‘s maps are. A video was shown with examples of how much maps can change. Battlefield 4 Premium was then announced and it will feature 5 expansion packs, 12 battlepacks, server priority and “new content every week”. A new gameplay mode called Obliteration Mode was shown next which sees one bomb dropped in the map, then both teams fight to secure and plant it successfully.