InterceptorEntertainmentGameTease 16 Apr

Interceptor Entertainment has launched a teaser website,, hinting at a reconditioned version of its Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction game that brought on a lawsuit in February.

The website’s countdown expires in 29 days. Interceptor launched a similar site in February at, teasing a “top-down role-playing game” called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction.

Gearbox Software, who acquired the Duke Nukem IP rights in 2010 from 3D Realms, filed a lawsuit to stop the game’s development and launch. 3D Realms responded to the lawsuit, claiming that the Duke Nukem trademark was never assigned to Gearbox, and that 3D Realms still owned it.

Interceptor Entertainment called the lawsuit an “unfortunate situation” but it “will however continue to work towards a solution.” Interceptor would then acquire 3D Realms and appoint an Interceptor executive as its new CEO.

(via Polygon)