GreedyGoblinsVersion2 01 May

Eric Shiermeyer, Zynga co-founder and the company’s former VP of product, has launched a new mobile studio in San Francisco called Luminary.

Luminary’s first title is called ‘Greedy Goblins‘ and its creator describes it as an endless runner combined with strategy. The goal of the game is to send your goblin racing to an enemy’s fortress and steal as much gold as possible. Players can put obstacles in the goblins’ way and also respond with revenge attacks.

“This is my answer to what I was experiencing over there [at Zynga],” Schiermeyer told VentureBeat, in part. “We wanted to do a game company right. We aren’t rushing to clone something, be it a game or a company. Our founders have experienced many types of startups and established companies. We’ve learned a lot from those experiences, and this company is an answer.”

(via GI International)