SuperMoonGamesLogo 05 Sep

Three former Zynga employees, Jim Vessella, Kyle Van Meurs and Simon Armstrong have launched their indie studio SuperMoon Games. “We spent years trying to get space games greenlit at larger publishers. Going indie was the opportunity to finally make our dreams a reality,” Vessella told “Working at Zynga was like going to graduate school […]

UbisoftLogo_590x315 02 Jul

Ubisoft has successfully defended itself from a lawsuit brought on by Digital Reg, claiming that Ubisoft’s Uplay violated several patents on digital rights management techniques. “Ubisoft is determined to aggressively fight patent cases that target the company and its innovations and technologies,” a spokesperson said. “Ubisoft is committed to defending itself against patent assertion entities–referred […]

GreedyGoblinsVersion2 01 May

Eric Shiermeyer, Zynga co-founder and the company’s former VP of product, has launched a new mobile studio in San Francisco called Luminary. Luminary’s first title is called ‘Greedy Goblins‘ and its creator describes it as an endless runner combined with strategy. The goal of the game is to send your goblin racing to an enemy’s […]