KazHirai01 20 Jun

At Sony’s most recent shareholder meeting, shareholders voted to keep CEO Kaz Hirai and the rest of the firm’s board. According to the Associated Press, Hirai said that this wwill be the year that Sony fixes its “money-losing structure”.

“The best way to build our future is for Sony to remain Sony, and realize our motto to become a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity,” he said, in part. The Associated Press also reports that Hirai had to repeatedly ask hecklers to be quiet during the meeting as he adressed questions.

Despite the dissatisfaction from the audience, less then 10 percent of the votes were against the company’s proposal.

In six of the last seven years, Sony has lost money and has forecast more losses for its current fiscal year. While the company’s PlayStation 4 has helped reinvigorate the games business, Sony has sold its VAIO line of Pcs, and is also currently spinning off its TV division as a separate company. Hirai said there is no plan to spin off its music and film divisions though.

(via GI International)