Defiance_TV_02 30 Sep

The television show component of Trion Worlds’ MMO Defiance, has been renewed for a third season which will air on SyFy in 2015.

“The New Frontier is changing,” creative lead Trick Dempsey wrote on the game’s website, in part. “Votan and Human cities alike lay crumbling under the force of terraforming weaponry. Refugees flee onto the frontier, and warlords rise to stake their claim in the chaos.”

“Is this the end of the Earth Republic? Will civilization descend into a new Pale War or will we rise above in a spirit of Defiance?”

At launch, the Defiance MMO used a similar business model to Guild Wars 2 where players buy the base game and it didn’t require a monthly subscription. The game was moved over to a free-to-play model in JuneĀ earlier this year.

(via GamesIndustry International)