Defiance_TV_02 30 Sep

The television show component of Trion Worlds’ MMO Defiance, has been renewed for a third season which will air on SyFy in 2015. “The New Frontier is changing,” creative lead Trick Dempsey wrote on the game’s website, in part. “Votan and Human cities alike lay crumbling under the force of terraforming weaponry. Refugees flee onto […]

19 Jul

THQ has announced that it will launch a live-action film based on the Red Faction franchise in March 2011, to accompany the release of the next installment in this series: Red Faction Armageddon. The two-hour film is known as Red Faction: Origins and will be aired on Syfy. The screenplay for the film is being developed by Andrew […]

30 Apr

The partnership between developer THQ and SyFy has borne some significant fruit. Destroy-everything-shooter franchise Red Faction is set to be translated into a television film, with the next game in the series being produced in conjunction with SyFy games. The film will run approximately two hours long and could act as a pilot for a […]