WatchDogs_BadBlood 25 Sep

Ubisoft has released the launch trailer for Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood DLC, to mark the arrival of the expansion which is available now for season pass owners, and will be available for purchase on September 30th.

The Bad Blood campaign puts players in control of T-Bone and features a new story and side activities across new and pre-existing areas of Chicago. The DLC also has 10 new perks, one is unlocked from the start, and the rest can be unlocked by playing Street Sweep missions. These missions are gang takedowns which are generated by an in-game “manager”, and they can be played in solo or co-op modes.

“The first thing you’ll notice is the swagger,” senior communications manager Gary Steinman wrote on the UbiBlog, in part. “T-Bone is a very different kind of hero than Aiden Pearce – and it’s easy enough to argue that he’s no hero at all. The star of the Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC begins his campaign seated at a terminal, inside a secure office where he clearly doesn’t belong, and he’s merrily hacking away when two armed guards intervene. That’s when T-Bone’s trademark bravado kicks in. Using a combo of wits, machismo, and a hot cup of coffee (really), T-Bone disentangles from a sticky situation with humor and attitude. He’s lewd, he’s rude, he’s crude – and he’s a total badass.”

(via CVG)