CoDAdvancedWarfare_KillConfirmed 25 Nov

Activision is working hard to block Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare YouTube videos that it believes promotes glitches and exploits in the game, Eurogamer reports.

Game network Machinima reportedly sent an email to partners last week, warning that Activision has been issuing copyright strikes on videos showing glitches.

“Activision is being particularly vigilant about their Call of Duty videos lately; issuing strikes on videos showing glitches,” reads the email acquired by Eurogamer, in part. “If you post videos highlighting these glitches, your channel may be liable to receive a copyright strike so please be careful.”

In response, Activision issued a statement to Eurogamer stating that it isn’t taking any more action than it would for previous Call of Duty games.

“Occasionally, some folks post videos that promote cheating and unfair exploits. As always, we keep an eye out for these videos – our level of video claims hasn’t changed,” Activision said, in part. “We are appreciative of the community’s support in helping to ensure that everyone has the best playing experience possible.”

(via CVG)