EliteDangerous_ViperDock 06 Mar

Elite: Dangerous will eventually launch on a number of platforms, including the PlayStation 4 Frontier has clarified following the announcement of Elite: Dangerous coming as an Xbox One console exclusive.

“Sure. Mac of course, then down the line we will support more, including PS4,” said CEO David Braben in a Twitter reply. “The XB1 is a timed exclusive.”

It’s unclear how long the exclusivity deal will last for Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One.

Speaking to Gamespot on why he chose Microsoft and the Xbox One for the exclusive, Braben suggested that the previous partnerships between Frontier and Microsoft gave them more reasons to partner with them.

“I think there were lots of factors – it was a hard decision. They’re both great platforms,” Braben said, in part. “The Xbox audience has been very good to us. We’ve sold quite a few Xbox games with Microsoft. We also had a launch title for Xbox One, so our tools and technology has been battle-hardened on Xbox One already.”

(via Gamespot)