SonyHeadMountedDisplay 08 Nov

As spotted by a NeoGAF user, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe filed patent applications regarding a head mounted display in May. One is for the head mounted display device itself, while the other focuses on hazard detection while a user is immersed in an interactive experience. This includes allowing certain noises through noise cancelling headphones like […]

04 Aug

Domain hound extraordinaire Superannuation discovered a new trademark from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, this one dubbed “Infraworld”. No details on the product are listed for the product’s listing page, beyond “computer and video game software” featuring “On-line gaming services”, but rumors point to it likely being one of Quantic Dream’s (Heavy Rain) new titles. Sony […]

20 Aug

Confirmed today with Andy Beaudoin of developer Zipper Interactive, “On September 17, we will start an official public beta version.” This announcement was made after invitations from both Sony Computer Entertainment America and Europe were sent out to their respective markets. This beta version of the title comes a full week before Tokyo Game Show, […]