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Heads Up Display or HUD for short is a fast paced news show featuring everything you need to know about the gaming industry, and nothing more.


— Featured News Stories —

Prey 2 Announcement

Tribes: Ascend Announcement

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith Announced

NPD To Start Tracking Digital Sales

ESRB: 5% of 2010 Games Were “M” for Mature

3DS/NGP Cause Dev Budgets to Triple

Activision v. Zampella, West Goes Forward

‘Motorstorm: Apocalypse’ Delayed Indefinitely

Gameloft Brings ‘Order of Chaos Online’, ‘Rainbow Six’ to iOS

‘River City Ransom 2′ In the Works

Voice over and writing by Gavin Greene begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Editing and video by Mats Paasche.
Music by Tenchux

12 thoughts on “HUD: Episode 3”

  1. Good episode. I have no qualms with it.

    Just wondering if this is going to be a weekly thing or bi-weekly? Cause the more episodes the better.

    1. More episodes means shorter episodes, but yes it’s looking like we’re going to be doing the show weekly, we might miss a few weeks here and there but in general there should be an episode up every Tuesday.

  2. I would suggest you guys stop doing the scrolling news at the bottom altogether. While it’s very nice and all, it’s a waste of time for you ‘cuz i’m pretty sure no one notices it.

    Good ep. I love these.

        1. Yeah, that. I always forget it’s called ticker. Took me a lot to figure out when i was starting to code apps.

      1. I don’t know. I think it looks good, but i’m not sure about the TV News style overall. Maybe it’d be cooler in a newspaper-like style, more in style with the website, or something.

        I love the content, though. I never look up on console news so i find out a lot with each episode.

        1. Thanks I’ll keep that in mind, it could be hard to do in video format, but it’s definitely a noteworthy idea.

          Yeah that’s basically the demographic we’re going for. There’s no way we’re going to be the first to inform the most hardcore videogame news readers with our stories. This show is more for those who perhaps don’t have the time or couldn’t be bothered to read videogame news regularly.

          1. It’s also a nice touch to have all the links below the video.

            By the way, there’s a typo, if you will, in the credits, next to Gavin’s name.

  3. this is a great series. I love how all of the latest gaming news is in one spot instead of having to crawl over the entire interwebz for 1 article. keep it up guys

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