05 Jun

Late last night, Peter Molyneux announced that he has taken over the position as Creative Director for the European-based studios of Microsoft Game Studios. This also includes assisting European third-party developers that are enrolled in Microsoft’s partner programme.

Notable studios he will now oversee include his own Lionhead studios, at which he will continue to design games, and Rare studios. The latter was expected to reveal a new game at the E3, but so far has not yet done so.

In an interview with Gameindustry.biz, Molyneux stated that he did not intend to press his will onto other developers, and that we wouldn’t start seeing ’10 Peter Molyneux games.’ Rather, he intends to foster talent and passion for games in general at the studios he will be overseeing, and spur innovation.

Peter Molyneux, who turned 50 last month, had already taken up the position in March 2009. He is most known for his works with Bullfrog and Lionhead studios, at which he worked as a designer and later producer for Populous, Theme Park and Dungeon (at Bullfrog) as well as Black and White and its sequel, Fable and Fable 2 at Lionhead Studios. It is unclear who exactly Molyneux is replacing at the Microsoft Game Studios, or what the direct cause for his promotion is.