15 Jul

Telltale Games recently sent out notification of a unique and possibly hilarious contest that wants gamers to submit their own jokes, with the possibility of them making their way into actual lines in future episodes of their downloadable series, Tales of Monkey Island. Interested gamers simply need to send their material, a snappy one-liner about how series’ protagonist Guybrush Threepwood “wronged” them, and wait to see if its good enough to be voice recorded and entered into the actual retail version of the IP.

A five-part, monthly episode series takes the adventure genre back to its most popular roots, returning to the Caribbean’s grog-swilling pirate days for swashbuckling adventure, hilarious dialogue, and monkeys. Players are once again thrust into the prissy man boots of Guybrush Threepwood, a pirate of awesome name and weaksauce pirating ability, beset on all sides by danger and puzzles, often requiring him to save his beloved governor wife Elaine Marley from the usually undead clutches of the dreaded Pirate LeChuck. The first episode was released last week, with the next installment planned for the second week of August.

Those that think their wits are sharp enough to weather the LucasArts adventure legacy can find more details on the contest here. Submissions have begun being accepted, and will continue to be eligible until August 10, at midnight PST.

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