18 Aug

Cologne, Germany – Remaining on stage after having discussed Dragon Age: Origins co-founder of BioWare┬áRay Muzyka turned to their next RPG, Mass Effect 2.

Some new information was shed on Commander Sheppard’s quest to discover how and why humans are vanishing across the galaxy, as well as further details surrounding updated game mechanics. The game will feature a new control system for team members and moment-to-moment control for both the main character and his teammates have been improved.

An important new feature in the game will be squad recruitment. Even more so than in the first Mass Effect installment, choosing different team-members for missions will have an impact on the storyline and eventually, influence Commander Sheppard’s chances of survival at the end of the game.

Muzyka was proud to announce that decisions made in the first Mass Effect will impact Mass Effect 2 and that previous save games can be imported. Furthermore, he added that choices made throughout the first and second installments of the series will also have an impact on the rest of Mass Effect universe, and therefore will also carry over to future games.

A new trailer was shown, revealing a new location and squad member. Spacestation Omega, a mining facility was shown and aboard the station, a Mercenary controlled club was introduced. A new character, a male Krogan wearing white armour was also detailed. He is designated in the trailer with the profile ‘Grunt’, although his actual name is unclear. He is described as a reckless unpredictable character that is irrationally violent. This character had been seen in media before, and can be seen in the background of the games’ boxart. The trailer can be found below.