01 Sep

More than four years after its release, Battlefield 2 has finally received its long awaited (and most likely final) update. The new version of the game, V1.50, includes several minor tweaks and balances but also includes several major changes to the game that are likely to draw many fans back to “the battlefield” that won numerous awards in 2005 and 2006.

One of the most important changes to the game is that the two “booster”-packs that were released in March2006 and June that same year are now free to play for all players. These booster-packs, known as Euro Force and Armored Fury, add unique gameplay features, a new faction, several new maps as well as new weapons and vehicles. Additionally, an all new map has been added to the game. Both booster packs as well as the new map will be required to play the game online.

A full list of mirrors for the update is available on EAs “Battlefield Blog”, which can be found here. Players will be required to update their game to the previous version, V1.41, before they are able to apply the new V1.50 patch.