28 Sep

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Capcom released new information today on Dead Rising 2, which is set for release on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC early in 2010. For more information about the game, please follow the jump.

In Dead Rising 2, former-motocross Chuck Green is on a mission to protect his own daughter from the zombie infection that has contaminated most of the United States. Similar as in the original from 2006, Chuck will be able to utilize all objects that can be picked up as weapons. However, many more items have been added to the game. With the action taking place in “Fortune City,” which is modeled after Las Vegas, Chuck will be able to use roulette tables, croupier sticks, wheelchairs and stuffed marlins as weapons.

A new addition, which was revealed recently by means of a trailer, is the “Terror is Reality” game show. This game show pits ordinary humans equipped them with over-the-top weaponry against hordes of zombies. The show will function as a major story element, but will also function as the set piece for the multiplayer aspect of the game. Weapons that have already been revealed to be available in this game show include a canoe-paddle with chainsaws attached to both ends as well as a motorcycle with twin chainsaws attached to the handlebars.

A set of challenges that are available for up to four players, and mainly focus on which player is able to kill the largest amount of infected with specific weaponry, will be available to take part in online. The camera, one of the most unique features available in the original Dead Rising, will not be making its return in the sequel.

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