09 Sep

Left4Dead Banner

Valve has just released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming sequel to 2008’s Left 4 Dead. The trailer is set at a carnival named “Whispering Oaks” and shows many of the new special zombies, included the recently revealed “Jockey”, that are included in the game. The gameplay trailer can be found after the break.

The trailer shows the sequel still maintains the fast-paced zombie slaughtering mayhem that made the first instalment a massive hit on Steam and the Xbox 360. New enemies, such as the Charger, Spitter and the aforementioned Jockey can be seen in the trailer. Additionally, a character is seen to be using one of the new melee weapons, although the video does not contain footage of the player wielding a melee weapon.

The game will be released on PC and Xbox 360 and is currently set for a release on November 17th.