20 Oct


The nostalgic game remaking gravy train keeps rolling along. The latest memory from the bygone years is the cult favorite Rocket Knight, courtesy of Konami Digital Entertainment. The remade IP will make it’s current generation debut on both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, as well as Valve’s PC download client Steam. Debuting on the Sega Genesis, and later SNES, 15 years ago, the revamp will sport a high definition graphics polish and new environments. Outside of a general release date of Sometime 2010, no exact details are yet known about the title.

“Konami’s classic 2D action platform titles have a legacy of being well received and enjoyed by gamers worldwide,” said David Daniels, Director of Marketing at Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. “So it was only natural that we bring Sparkster, our favorite opossum hero, to next generation consoles with a combination of elevated graphics, all new environments and of course, the signature rocket action gameplay.”

In Rocket Knight, players take on the role of a fiery opossum named Sparkster who returns home to the Kingdom of Zephyrus after 15 years to find it in shambles. Using wits and a trusty rocket pack, players must steer clear and overcome a hostile wolf army looming to take the lives of the Zephyrus people. A 2.5D action adventure title, Rocket Knight brings expansive new worlds, each with massive platform levels and a rocket flying level. As players navigate through the challenges, their rocket pack can be used to ricochet off walls, launch Sparkster through obstacles and enemies in his way, and rocket drill through weak walls to create new passageways. Along with burst projectiles that shoot from Sparkster’s sword to attack distant foes, a burst vortex can also be created from players’ rocket pack to repel enemy bombs back at them. If all else fails, players can use Sparkster’s prehensile tail to hang from and slide down rails in order to avoid danger. With timed levels and leaderboards, dedicated players will also be able to show off their high scores and fastest times online.

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