17 Nov


The oft-delayed and extremely anticipated psychological horror game Alan Wake has built us up only to tear us down many times before, with more hazy release dates than any high profile release of this generation. So, find another one after the jump!

Online editorial site MCV reports that Alan Wake will ship on May 2010. While it works with the most recent vague hints we’ve received about a launch, it’s never too wise to take anything from developer Remedy as canon these days.  Microsoft is still unsure about backing a PC release for the title as of yet, but the 360 version will be promoted “in the style of a Hollywood movie.” Both they and Remedy weren’t commenting on rumors when Elder-Geek called for comments, but it seems prime release-time during both the year and fiscal quarter, so cross your fingers that the 2009: Year of Anticipated Info Leaks continues with Remedy.

Think that this could finally be the true date? Or are we just raring up to be disappointed once more? Comment below and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Rumored Alan Wake Release Date”

  1. I’m pretty intersted, but the vids they have put up haven’t impressed me at all. I don’t like the main character’s voice when he narrates, and the whole time, I just get the feeling that I’m watching gameplay from Alone in the Dark. Hopefully the game will turn out good.

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