28 Dec

Even though legendary developer 3D Realms was forced to lay off the entire production team working on Duke Nukem: Forever earlier this year due to financial trouble, the co-founder of the studio, Scott Miller, recently stated that “the next few years should see a strong resurgence in Duke.” However, the fate of Duke Nukem: Forever remains unclear at this time, as 3D Realms is still involved in a legal battle with publisher Take-Two Interactive over the rights to the series.

Miller was recently quoted in Gamesauce as stating:

There are numerous other Duke games in various stages of development, several due out this year. We are definitely looking to bring Duke into casual gaming spaces, plus there are other major Duke games in production. […] Almost all of these [projects] are unannounced.

At this time, upcoming Duke Nukem games are known to include a port of the classic Duke Nukem 3D to the iPhone and a series of three separate games currently in development for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, though none of these currently have a fixed release date.

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  1. “other major Duke games in production”… “casual gaming spaces”… ?!? Looks like we’ll we able to ‘waggle’ the Boot in the future 😉

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