01 Mar

As if Alan Wake hasn’t kept Xbox 360 gamers salivating for years, the oft-rumored Age of Conan port (hoovering around since 2006) is still coming, according to the developer. In a recent interview with CVG during the release of the PC version’s expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, game director Craig Morrison spoke on the impending console version’s release.

“We obviously had many more challenges than we envisioned getting our technology to adapt to the console platform. We are still working on it for the future, and we see it as a potentially valuable platform for our games. Whether we have missed a window for Age of Conan itself remains to be seen.” He added: “There are many challenges inherent in [developing for console] that many MMO developers haven’t mastered yet.

“… It is currently an untapped market, but as time goes on I think we will start to find good solutions to the challenges that we face there. There are enough people exploring it and working on it that I am confident we will start to see more cross-platform MMO titles.”

Is the Xbox 360 a viable platform for Age of Conan, or is the console MMO still nothing but a developer pipe-dream? Give us your thoughts below, E-Gs!

2 thoughts on “Age of Conan – Still – Coming to 360”

  1. I think the viability of this as a console game depends ENTIRELY on the way in which it handles the monthly fee. If it is similar to that on the PC, it won’t stand a chance. But if the fee is reduced, and boils down to a couple of bucks per month, I reckon that it might have some success. Preferably, this would have to be a fully downloadable title.

  2. I played this game not long after launch. There were so many freaking issues with it though. The intro was awesome and made me think this game was going in an great direction. Everything was voice acted. Had some good writing…. then when that ended it became an absolute bore.

    It was like two different games, and quite depressing to experience after shelling out $50.

    I’m sure it’s changed since then, but still… in a market over-saturated with MMO’s, an old one like this just isn’t worth investing the time in with some exceptionally promising ones coming out in the near future.

    Heck, Funcom actually has an MMO with more potential that’s already been in development for at least three years called “The Secret World.”

    This move just seems to be a gamble to attempt and recoup losses.

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