18 Apr

A description on the online-portfolio of concept-artist Keith Thompson has further substantiated rumors concerning a potential sequel to Borderlands. Thompsons website has recently been updated with several pieces of concept art for the Guardians found Borderlands, as well as several concepts for alien weaponry. The artist states that his work mainly concerned designs for the alien civilization found in the game, the story, and ‘The Vault’, which forms a central element in the storyline. He adds that much of the art produced by him was not used in the eventual product that was launched in October 2009, and states that:

Much of the art not seen here may be used in DLCs or Borderlands II.

Speculation concerning a sequel to Borderlands was already incited in November last year, when the Creative Director of Gearbox Software Mike Neumann that the decision to make Borderlands II “seems like a no-brainer”, given the success of the original. However, a sequel has not been formally announced. Take-Two, the publisher of Borderlands,┬árecently stated that it intends to continue providing downloadable content for Borderlands.

The website of Keith Thompson can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Artist Portfolio Hints At Borderlands 2”

  1. If there will be a Borderlands 2… they need to fix a lot of the problems with the first (The story, the leveling system, more than 3 classes, more ways to customize your character, character creator, ect).

  2. I kinda already though they were going to make a sequel, especially with all the stuff the Devs were saying when the game was released, and surprised at how well it was doing. They said that there would be new stuff not implemented in the DLC, which is always the smart thing to do (don’t exhaust the series too early).

    What I want in the sequel:

    -More classes
    -The ability to cannibalize guns to upgrade them for a nominal fee
    -More enemies, especially during NG+ or ++ or +++ (just add a few during subsequent playthroughs, not just name and stat changes).
    -More guardians (cause having them at the endgame is kinda defeats the purpose of having this alien threat)
    -Make the Iridian weapons more useful
    -A bank where you can store your guns, and access them at anytime (just like the car transport thing, and the waypoints)

    Those things and more, that would be awesome.

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