14 Apr

Remember: no Activision

First it was Infinity Ward’s co-founders Vince Zampella and Jason West, then lead designer Todd Alderman and lead software engineer Francesco Gigliotti left, and now John Shiring, Bruce Ferriz and Mackey McCandlish join the pack. Shiring, a programmer announced, via his twitter account, that he is resigning from the Modern Warfare developer after six years on staff. Mackey McCandlish also confirmed via twitter, and Facebook, that he has left his position at the company. While both claimed to have no plans on his future employment, the word around the rumor circuit is that any ex-Infinity Ward employee will likely gravitate to Zampella and West’s new studio, Respawn Entertainment.

Bruce Ferriz, however, has confirmed to IGN that he has accepted a job at greenhorn developer Big Red Button Entertainment, after spending a little over a year with Infinity Ward.

3 thoughts on “More Infinity Ward Staff Jump Ship from Activision”

  1. I am wondering just how many more are going to quit. That would be a big blow to Activision. Well, I am sure Activision will just fill in the people that left IW, but that would just mean more CoD games made by them would probably not be up to IW quality.

  2. I’m curious to see how many of the ex-employees go on to join studios who are making a game other than a FPS.

    1. Me too. But I doubt any of them will go onto making games of genres that require actual innovation.

      Its too bad shooters are so profitable, they’ve already stagnated and they’re starting to rot.

      I hope Activision just hires a new staff and starts on projects of a different genre, and that the studio goes on to be profitable. The employees of IW disgust me. They’re biting the hand that fed them, and they deserve to suffer for it.

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