01 Jun

In response to mounting rumors, Ubisoft has confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in production and that Michel Ancel (the game designer who created the Rayman-series and the first Beyond Good & Evil) remains employed at the organization. Last week, rumors began to spread that Ancel had left the organization to found his own studio, leading to the cancellation of Beyond Good & Evil 2 by Ubisoft. However, a Ubisoft representative confirmed to Eurogamer.net that “there are no changes on the horizon”, that the sequel to 2003’s Beyond Good & Evil is still in production and that Ancel remains a member of the organization.

Though the first Beyond Good & Evil received critical praise, it failed to become a commercial success. Nevertheless, Ubisoft revealed it was working on a sequel in May 2008, though it has released few details concerning the game since then.

One thought on “Ubisoft Confirms Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still in Production”

  1. God I hope this is true… all signs are pointing towards cancellation. Still, I won’t hold my breath for this game, even if it is finally released.

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