18 Jul

Even MGM’s financial woes can’t keep Bond (James Bond) down. Activision has revealed (via a Joss Stone voice acting feature announcement) a new, unique game featuring the super-spy, James Bond 007 Blood Stone. Produced by Bizarre Creations (Blur, Geometry Wars) and written by the screenwriter of the Goldeneye film, Bruce Feirstein. The third-person action adventure is currently in production for a 360, PS3, and PC release this holiday, with a separate DS version produced by n-Space (Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids for the Wii).

Reportedly taking place across five locations (Athens, Istanbul, Monaco, Siberia and Bangkok), the game will bring Bond (Daniel Craig) to wealthy socialite Nicole Hunter (Joss Stone) in search of a researcher feared dead (Judi Dench is also credited as returning to her role as M). The larger plot features an insidious bio-chemical plot that takes the two to the highest ranks of the UK’s secret forces, the only revealed antagonist so far being a terrorist leader known as Greco. The game’s website claims genetics, diamonds, and globalism will play major thematic roles in the game as well.

A multiplayer suite consisting of 16 player spy vs. mercenaries combat is planned for the title in addition to its single player campaign. Bizarre Creations has also stated the game is running on a revamped engine originally used for The Club.