28 Jul

Seemingly out of nowhere, the DS-child rearing simulator My Baby 3 & Friends has become the latest IP to attract a major lawsuit between game companies. SouthPeak Studios have filed suit with the franchise’s current publisher, Majesco over their respective rights to sell the title (at least in the US markets.) Nobilis, the French studio behind the games, have come out in support of Majesco, alleging that SouthPeak missed major payments owned to them during their time together.

“We vigourously contest the statement made by SouthPeak. The rights of My Baby 3 have been legally transferred to Majesco and in the strict respect of the previous contracts signed with SouthPeak.” said Arnaud Blacher, Nobilis’ Managing Director, “We confirm that all the contracts signed with SouthPeak in the U.S. or in the U.K. have been terminated after uncured breaches from Southpeak notably for non payment. We also confirm that we brought the litigation with SouthPeak to court to defend our rights. We remain very confident on the outcome of these legal actions.”