05 Aug

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that a sequel to last year’s action-adventure Batman: Arkham Asylum is currently in development at the London-based Rocksteady Studios. The sequel will be known as Batman: Arkham City and is set for a release¬†somewhere during Autumn 2011 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

In the sequel, players will leave the Asylum that formed the stage of the first installment behind and are given the opportunity to explore Arkham City, a maximum security prison located inside Gotham City. Characters that have been confirmed to be featured in the game include Catwoman, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul and the Riddler. Mark Hamill had already confirmed that he he will be returning to voice The Joker, though he indicated that this will be the last time he will take on this role.

2 thoughts on “Arkham Asylum Sequel Named”

  1. Well I don’t like its name as much as I did some other names that they grabbed. I can’t remember the name, but this one is kinda a cop-out.

    Still it is cool to see a small list of the baddies we will be going up against. And yeah, I didn’t expect the game to come out in 2010, as it would have been too soon; Autumn 2011 sounds reasonable, maybe August release again.

  2. I like the name, and the art is amazing… but probably has little to do with the game. I want to see what Rocksteady will change… because if it is the same as the first, it will be highly disappointing.

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