03 Oct

Even though the upcoming Batman: Arkham City┬áhasn’t even been released yet, Rocksteady Marketing Manager Dax Ginn has stated in an interview with CVG.com that the studio is planning to continue working on the franchise for as long as they believe there are stories to tell in the Batman universe. Overall, he stated that the studio […]

23 Jul

Voice actor Kevin Conroy (aka the voice that springs to mind when someone references Batman), made a pleasantly surprising announcement in a recent interview with Comic Booked. According to Conroy, the world of Batman: Arkham City will include significant DLC: described as “future episodes”. The actor offered no further details, like whether these would multiplayer […]

19 Jul

Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed the contents that will be included in the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition. This particular edition will include a Batman statue, an animated movie known as Batman: Gotham Knight, and several other items. The full contents, along with a picture of the Collector’s Edition, is included after the jump. Batman: […]