03 Oct

Even though the upcoming Batman: Arkham City hasn’t even been released yet, Rocksteady Marketing Manager Dax Ginn has stated in an interview with CVG.com that the studio is planning to continue working on the franchise for as long as they believe there are stories to tell in the Batman universe. Overall, he stated that the studio is looking to contribute to the overall franchise, so they will continue working on the franchise “so long as we feel we can do that and do that really well.”

Explaining why he believes the franchise is such an interesting one to work on, he explained that Batman himself provides “an excellent structure for gameplay,” but also has “an incredible rogues gallery. You can put Batman up against 30 thugs in the street and just cane them and feel like a total don but as soon as one of them’s got a shotgun you have to rethink what you do. That’s really rare for a superhero and we really love using the facets of his personality to create gameplay out of that.”

Batman: Arkham City will be available in North America on October 18th for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, with a PC version of the game making its way onto store shelves in November.

One thought on “Batman ‘Arkham’ Series to Continue as Long as There are “Stories to Tell””

  1. Cool. As long as the stories stay with the quality of the first one, I wouldn’t mind playing a new Batman game. Taking time to flush out the story really helps make the game feel good.

    Now just to see how Arkam City turns out.

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