19 Jul

Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed the contents that will be included in the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition. This particular edition will include a Batman statue, an animated movie known as Batman: Gotham Knight, and several other items. The full contents, along with a picture of the Collector’s Edition, is included after the jump. Batman: Arkham City is set for a release on October 18th.

The total contents of the Collector’s Edition are as follows:

  • Custom Batman statue produced by Kotobukiya
  • Collectible art book
  • Early access to the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns skin
  • Batman: Arkham City album from WaterTower Music including original songs by hit artists, available via digital redemption
  • Bonus DC Universe animated original movie, Batman: Gotham Knight

2 thoughts on “Arkham City Collectors Edition Detailed”

  1. I just bought Arkham Asylum almost a year after I beat the game. I have learned a few things…

    -Don’t play it on hard, it makes you feel like less of a badass and gets a bit frustrating (maybe why I didn’t like it as much my first playthrough).
    -The Riddles are phenomenal.
    -May have the worse final boss I have seen in a loooong while.

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