27 Sep

The latest in possible hardware revolutions revealed through a job posting, Sony’s London Studio is looking for an employee with very specific experience. While potential Senior Server Engineer with “mobile development” are highly desired, the listing originally cited Android mobile phone OS work as a major plus. The posting was changed shortly after the story began hitting the internet, leading some opinions to cite the edit as indicating a major interest in the OS on Sony’s side.

The job posting is the latest in a flood of rumors and speculation on PSP2 functionality, all of which Sony has made clear that it will make no comment on at this stage.

One thought on “Rumor: Playstation Getting in Bed with Android?”

  1. Well this could be for that rumored Android 3.0 Sony Erickson Gaming phone. Or it could be that Sony is going to be using Android for the PSP2, but who knows. We just have to wait and see until someone leaks some info, which is a high chance of that happening since Sony has a hard time keeping things from leaking.

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