SegaSonicCityEscape 09 Apr

Sega has confirmed to Polygon, that as part of restructuring of the Sonic and mobile gaming departments within Sega of America, the company’s European office has undergone layoffs. “Sega is in the process of consolidating certain functions of the Sonic and Mobile departments within Sega of America, where the management and production for those areas […]

29 Jul

An 19-year old hacker, known online as ‘Topiary’, was arrested yesterday by the London Metropolitan Police’s E-Crime unit. Believed to be the spokesman (and Twitter feed manager) for both LulzSec and Anonymous, the man’s address was traced to the Shetland Islands, and he was taken into custody under suspicion of involvement with both organizations. Combined, […]

27 Jun

An unnamed British teenager (giving names of those arrested is illegal under British law) was arrested near London last week. The teen was taken into custody for suspicion of involvement in multiple recent cyberattacks on “a number of international businesses and intelligence agencies,” according to the London Metropolitian Police. These businesses include the UK’s Serious […]