29 Dec

The first few details are starting to emerge about Kojima Production’s “Project Ogre”. Hideo Kojima recently told CNN that the game will be an more open-world adventure, in stark contrast to the producer’s more linear back catalog. While more “subdued” in tone compared to his Metal Gear franchise, Kojima promises over 100 hours of potential […]

27 Jun

An unnamed British teenager (giving names of those arrested is illegal under British law) was arrested near London last week. The teen was taken into custody for suspicion of involvement in multiple recent cyberattacks on “a number of international businesses and intelligence agencies,” according to the London Metropolitian Police. These businesses include the UK’s Serious […]

21 Jun

[Initial research done by Eli English] In the latest of a recent string of high-profile intrusions, Bethesda announced last week that hackers had gained access to data on the company’s servers. While assuring that no credit card or financial information was breached, Bethesda did confirm that members’ usernames, passwords and email addresses were compromised, leading […]