21 Oct

A crossover is oftentimes a cure for one or two ailing franchises. In the case of Capcom and Level-5’s recently revealed Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, however, the opposite is true. Capcom’s Ace Attorney franchise has sold 3.5 million units across all entries, with Professor Layton selling 9.5 million in total.

According to Capcom, who made the sales announcement earlier today, the crossover will “[draw] upon the strengths of both series, this collaboration will bring new, casual game players to the adventure game genre and into the world of gaming in general while strengthening the value of the two brands overall.”

One thought on “Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright Selling Millions”

  1. So far the collaboration game between Level-5 and Capcom is set to be released in Japan only. With sales of both games being high, I expect the game to be released outside of Japan, especially considering Nintendo Marketing could sell this game pretty easily.

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