18 Dec

In a video interview with Destructoid at Spike’s Video Game Awards ceremony, Blizzard’s Senior Vice President Frank Pearce let slip some details on a project currently known as “Titan.” In no way a confirmation, the more persistent rumors suggest something in the way of a new MMO project under the Starcraft license. No further information has been released since the interview.

3 thoughts on “Blizzard Leaks Hint of ‘Titan’”

  1. Blizz likes to hit IP’s in bulks. They did WC3 and WoW after a break from WarCraft. Diablo is already a mini-MMO, and is nowhere near as big as the other two IP’s, especially in Asia. Thus with SC2 out and exposing everyone to that IP again (plus a new generation of gamers), unless they want to make an original IP, it’s going to be a StarCraft MMO.

    Though, some could argue WoW 2 (brand spanking new engine, etc). With all the guild achievements and work people put into their characters, it would need to be able to maintain all that data in the switch. The StarCraft one would have to be FPS based in order to not become direct competition for WoW.

    1. WoW 2 = Cataclysm basically…

      and they said when the Titan development first started that it was a completely new IP.

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