03 Dec

EA has announced that it will release a new map for the upcoming multiplayer-expansion pack of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after the community has completed a global challenge. The challenge, which requires players to perform a total of 69 million team actions, will unlock the “Operation Hastings” map for Bad Company 2: Vietnam. This map was previously included with Battlefield: Vietnam, which was released in 2004.

Every time a player revives a fallen comrade, resupplies or heals an ally, repairs a friendly vehicle, or simply spots an enemy player, players will contribute to the completion of the overall challenge. Progression of the challenge will be separate for each platform on which the expansion pack is released: PC, Playstation 3, or Xbox 360.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam will be released on December 21st, but customers who purchase the PC through the EA store will be able to play the game early, on December 18th.