15 Dec

Zynga has announced that their recently announced CityVille has become the fastest growing game of all time. In a mere twelve days, the game has managed to attract over 26 million users, of which 12 million use the game on a daily basis. After a fairly slow start, with only a million users trying the game within the first five days, nearly 25 million users signed up for the game in the past 7 days, with 4.9 million new users this Tuesday alone. Whether Zynga will be able to hold on to these players remains to be seen, as these types of social-networking games generally suffer from a high percentage of one-time visitors.

Earlier this year, Zynga had over 260 million users who played a Zynga game at least one per month. This number has started to dwindle over recent months as Facebook, the largest social networking platform on which these games are featured, has begun to crack down on the ability for Apps to post a large number of messages to user walls. In November, a total of 198 million users played at least one Zynga game.