07 Jan

The next Modern Warfare game was confirmed via lawsuit long before Activision showcased the newly re-hired Infinity Ward, but new rumors are suggesting that the next in the blockbuster franchise may not be a sequel. Supposedly following the career of Modern Warfare 2‘s Ghost, gamers will play through a prequel tour of duty that ultimately brings the soldier to the elite Task Force 141. The game will allegedly remain on Modern Warfare 2‘s engine, and be based on the comic books created for the franchise by David Lapham. Whatever the game’s content, it will hit store shelves next year, 2011 being the year of Sledgehammer’s rumored adventure-FPS Call of Duty.

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Next IW Modern Warfare a Prequel?”

  1. All I have to say is there is too much CoD every year. The series is truly the Madden of Shooters. Health packs really need to return to games that use regenerative health for people who don’t have power armor. I think I will just stick with the Battlefield series, and TF2 (never gets old).

    Well I guess for those who like Ghost that is cool, but I’d rather Activison give the series a rest for a year. I know that won’t happen as they get lots of money, but I am fatigued on the franchise.

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