02 Feb

Was level-retreading one of your chief complaints in the otherwise universally praised Batman: Arkham Asylum? Well, in an interview with Gamespot, Sefton Hill, Director of its sequel Batman: Arkham City, confirmed a breadth of new details on the game, included a much bigger map.

“The footprint of Arkham City is about five times bigger than Arkham Island, but our primary intention was never to create a bigger game world just for the sake of it,” Hill confirmed, “I wouldn’t describe the game as ‘sandbox’ because a totally open and free-form game world would not allow us to create the kind of atmosphere that we wanted to…but we don’t hold your hand either. Arkham City is its own place; a massive super prison, jam packed with supervillains, thugs, and psychopaths.”

Hill concluded with, “There aren’t any rules, but it has a law of its own, and this is why it is a perfect setting for Batman. Gamers will have to think and act like the Dark Knight if they want to survive in a place like Arkham City.”

Unrelated to the interview is a possible release date for Arkham City. While yet to be unconfirmed by Warner Brothers Interactive or Rocksteady, online retailer Amazon.com has listed October 3rd to be the street date for the title.

Looking forward to curb-stomping Gotham’s worst in the streets this year, E-Gs? Or are worried that the prequel’s unique atmosphere can’t be recreated quite as well? Let us, and Rocksteady, know below!

6 thoughts on “‘Batman: Arkham City’ Gets Release Date, 5x Larger than Asylum”

  1. If they’re even aiming at something even casually sandbox, Rocksteady’s got some ambition. Hope they are, because if five times as larger means three times as lengthier, Arkham City is win.

    1. This sort of worries me. Some games are too long for their own good, and Arkham Asylum had the perfect length (didn’t overstay its welcome).

      I point to Portal as a great example of ending right when it should end, rather than stretching out the game with repetition (Assassins Creed series in general).

      If it nails an amazing 10 hour epic, I will be much happier than if they added 5 more hours of the same stuff.

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