14 Mar

Despite an appeal by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the Australian classification board has upheld the decision to refuse Mortal Kombat an official rating in the country. Effectively, this means it will be illegal to sell the game in Australia, and it will also force Warner Bros. to cancel all pre-orders that were registered in the country, and remove all advertising associated with the game.

The game was already refused classification two weeks ago, but Warner Bros. appealed the decision. Last Friday, the ratings board reviewed the case once more, but upheld its original decision. It believes the game is too graphic to be rated as 15+, the highest rating currently available in the country.

The game was granted an 18+ rating in New Zealand, and will be released as normal in that country.

2 thoughts on “Australian Mortal Kombat Ban Upheld During Appeal”

  1. Seriously, Australia, make the stupid R18+ classification already. Duke Nukem probably will see the same fate as MK, unfortunately.

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