‘River City Ransom 2′ In the Works

19 Mar, 2011

One of the all-time classics, especially in the beat-em-up genre, River City Ransom is getting a long belated sequel. 20 years in the making, River City Ransom 2 is being developed by Miracle Kidz, the studio which houses most of the original’s developers. The game is expected to release on console sometime this summer in Japan, with a PC release coming next year. No word yet on any game details or specific consoles, but another of Miracle Kidz retro-style games (Downtown Smash Dodgeball) is on the Xbox Live Arcade and Wii Ware, leading most to believe such platforms are equally likely for River City Ransom 2.

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Gavin Greene

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  1. Keck282
    March 19, 2011

    Awesome, the classics return. More beat-em-ups are a good thing, reminds me of the 90s.

  2. Seluhir
    March 19, 2011