Arkham City Harley 22 May

Much to the surprise of scores of Batman fans out there, it was recently revealed over at the Arkham City community forums by one SarahMay that Harley Quinn voice acting staple Arleen Sorkin would not be returning to her iconic roll.  It is instead being taken over by Tara Strong, who’s credits include voicing Batgirl in a variety of Batman related shows.

It is not known at this time as to what lead to this decision as it seems rather odd to replace someone who’s been voicing the same character since the 90’s.  This is especially the case since so many voice actors from the original animated series ended up returning to their roles in both Arkham Asylum — Sorkin included — and Arkham City.  Examples being Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker.  The move could be monetary related, or perhaps the devs wanted to go somewhere new with the character.  It should be noted that Harley Quinn has had quite the visual makeover from both the previous game and the animated series in general.

Perhaps the new voice will fit the mold.